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We resume our regular meetings

The Club resumed regular monthly meetings April 15 with an eye on pandemic restrictions. The first was held outdoors at the Atagahi Park pavilion and members wore masks and maintained social distancing.

It was the first full-membership meeting since a similar one outdoors last October. The next will be May 20, when our clubhouse chef is scheduled to present tips on preparing fish caught in our lakes.

Despite a temperature that hovered in the low 50s, more than 40 members turned out. As usual, the Club served a free “coffee-and” light breakfast.

For most of the first hour members heard reports from Club officials about activities of the past few months. Then Ty Mooney, a certified fishing guide from Headwaters Outfitters, presented a program on fishing for smallmouth bass.

Boat Launching Pier at Ticoa Park

President Myron Pstrak told about the recently completed launching pier next to the boat ramp at Lake Ticoa’s park. The Club paid the cost of materials and the pier was built by our CFPOA maintenance workers.

Myron said the new pier, similar to those at ramps on our other lakes, makes it easier for boaters to launch small craft.

Fishery Management Report

Fishery Management Committee co-chairs Rick Hybil and Joe McMurray reported on current conditions on our lakes. Joe, one of our most active anglers, said fishing is accelerating as water temperatures rise into the low 60s. “The fish are biting,” he told members, “so get out there and enjoy!”

Joe said the size of bass in Lake Atagahi seem to be larger these days and he believes it is because last year’s stocking of sunfish is providing more food for the predatory bass.

Rick said the CFPOA and the Club will spend some $22,000 this year on stocking, with $7,000 being a donation from the Club and $15,000 coming from an appropriation in the Association’s annual budget. He said there has already been a stocking of 1,500 pounds of rainbow trout in January and trout fingerlings as forage fish in March. Another sunfish stocking is scheduled next, he added.

Signage project progressing

Former Club President, George Hewertson, unveiled the newest community sign board at Atagahi Park’s beachfront. It replaced an earlier sign erected last year, which was moved to Lake Tiaroga.

The project is the latest in the Club’s Community Spirit Program, in which we have donated a number of improvements throughout Connestee over the years.

This latest project calls for such signs at each of our lakes. When completed this spring, there will be signs at Lake Ticoa – one at the dam and one at Ticoa Park – and one at Lake Wanteska’s dock area and the one at Lake Tiaroga, in addition to Atagahi’s.

The prototype sign was purchased from a commercial company. Since then, George and Spencer Brown, our CFPOA maintenance supervisor, decided to design and build the others in-house. The Club is paying for all materials.

The new signs are larger than the prototype and made entirely of weather-resistant cedar. They are two-sided. Community notices, mostly having to do with fishing, will be posted on one side and a large map of the location lake will be on the other.

Membership drive begins

The annual Club membership drive has begun and we’re looking for current members to renew and newcomers to sign up for the first time. Membership settled at a little more than 200 during the pandemic last year and the Executive Committee is anticipating it will increase this year as restrictions ease up.

Annual household membership dues remain at $15. Registration is easy on the Club’s website, cffishclug.org. You can charge the dues to your CFPOA account, or send in a check to our treasurer, Vernetta Milts, at 279 Tinequa Dr., Brevard, 28712.

The current year’s membership expires April 30. New ones are valid through April 30, 2022.

Membership is open to all CFPOA members and long-term renters.

Your dues go to support the Club’s many community services, including helping to stock our lakes, our Outreach program, and special events such as our popular Fish Fry and the Fish-A-Rama for children.

The Executive Committee remains unsure what gatherings it will be able to hold during the pandemic. Many had to be cancelled last year.

It is still considering ways, if the pandemic persists, to hold special events and our summer Outreach Program gatherings. Last year the Club did hold an abbreviated Fish Fry, with drive-through serving.

Meeting Program

Headwaters Outfitters fishing guide Ty Mooney gave a very informative talk on fishing area waters for Smallmouth bass. You can contact Ty by call Headwaters Outfitters at 814-673-3596 or emailing him at ty@headwatersoutfitters.com.

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