Largest Bass of the year

15 yr old Quentin Bahr caught this exceptional 20 in "Largest Bass" of 2018 at Lake Ticoa dam on July 18, 2018.

Al Byrne caught this 25" (approx 8 lbs) "Largest Bass" in 2017 in Lake Ticoa on 5/18/2017. Al was using a floating rapala on 4 lb test line.

Ron Silverman caught this 7 lb, 24 1/4 in "Largest Bass" of 2015 in Lake Atagahi on 5/14/2015 while fishing with Bill Roehrich.

caught 5/14/2015


Bill Roehrich caught this 10 lb 8 oz "Largest Bass" of 2014 in Lake Ticoa on 3/21/2014. Largest bass Bill has ever caught!


Al Byrne caught this 6 lb 8 oz (guestimated) "Largest Bass" of 2013 in Lake Ticoa on 7/6/2013. Released for another day!




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