Creel Limits - All Connestee Lakes

SpeciesMinimum SizeDaily Creel Limit
Largemouth Bass (all lakes except Wanteska)14" except 2 fish may be less than 14"3, but only 1 fish over 14"
Largemouth Bass (Lake Wanteska)2 fish may be less than 12"Release unharmed all Bass over 12"
Spotted BassNone3
CatfishNone2, recommended
Sunfish (Bluegill)None10
Grass CarpDo not catch0

No live minnows may be used as bait. Additionally, no minnows, goldfish, or any other fish or plant of any kind may be put in any lake, stream, or sediment pond.

Fish may be taken only with hook & line. No more than 2 lines in the water at any time. No unattended lines. No trot or jug lines.

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