–> Club Meeting Minutes – July 2021

Connestee Falls Fishing Club – Monthly Meeting

Thursday July 15, 2021, Atagahi Pavilion – 9:00 a.m.


Call to Order – Myron Pstrak

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Welcome New Members & Guests – 45 total in attendance with 2 new members
  • 50/50 Raffle – Winner Ross Stein collected $40
  • Minutes from last meeting approved

 Programs and events – George Goyette

  • Today’s program – Lorie Stroup, Zone Fisheries Biologist for the US Forest Service
  • August meeting – Les Saucier will share his secrets for catching Lunker redear brim

Secretary’ Report – Al Byrne

  • Club memberships are currently at 175.
  • Boat Sales – $2,000 ytd. Check the website for an up-to-date list and pricing of available boats.
  • Al recognized Ron Silverman’s many accomplishments and contributions to the Club. Ron and his wife Paula have sold their home in CF and will be living full time in Daniel Island, SC.

Treasurer’s Report – Myron for Vernetta

  • Overall the Club is financially sound, with a bank balance of $25,000.
  • Anniversary Books sales are $8,500 to date. 

Sunshine Report – Marian Wolf

  • Marian reviewed the sympathy cards sent.
  • Ray Tuers and Rick Hybil commented on the passing of Larry Host, one of the Club’s original founders.

Anniversary Book Promo

  • Frank Wolf offered Anniversary books for sale – 1 book sold today

Outreach Program – Nick Revill

  • Nick reviewed the recent Outreach events and precautions being take to properly clean equipment.
  • Great to be back with a full schedule after having to shut down completely last year.
  • Check the Club’s website for the schedule of upcoming events.

Fishery Management Update – Rick Hybil & Joe McMurray

  • Surface water temps are running around 80 deg. 75 deg at 15’; 50 deg at 25’.
  • Trout have moved to deeper water. Bass fishing has slowed but is still generally good. Bass are at 8-10’ depth.
  • We are still waiting for the catfish to grow to 8-11”. Should be available for stocking late this season or early Fall.
  • Planning to stock full-sized trout and fingerlings in late October or early Winter.
  • Thank you to Martin Lindsay for caring for the Atagahi fish feeder. Responsibility will pass to Stu Davidson.

Fishing Catch Awards – Al Byrne

  • Golden Trout ($100 gift card) – A Golden Trout remains uncaught in 3 of the lakes (Ticoa, Atagahi, Wanteska). We plan to stock an additional Golden Trout in each of the 4 lakes each year.
  • 1st Catches – 9 awards to date this year!
  • Lunkers – 13 awards to date this year, 9 for Les Saucier (8 redear & 1 bluegill)!.

Closure and final comments

  • Fish Fry is scheduled for Sept 21. Randy provided an update on plans for a full FF if restrictions allow. Need volunteers to help with the Wine Bonanza raffle.
  • New signage is in place at all 4 lakes. Great job George Hewertson!
  • Considering putting a pdf version of the Connestee Anniversary book for sale on our website.
  • Next meeting August 19.

Adjourn to presentation from Lorie Stroup

7/15/2021 A.Byrne

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