–> Club Meeting Minutes 9/17/2022

Connestee Falls Fishing Club – Monthly Meeting

Thursday September 17, 2022, Blueridge Lounge – 9:00 a.m. 


Call to Order – Myron Pstrak

  • 18 members in attendance
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Minutes from the last meeting approved

Secretary’ Report – Al Byrne

  • 50/50 Raffle – total receipts $41. Winner Myron Pstrak donated his winnings back to the Club.
  • Club memberships – 217 households.
  • Boat Sales – $7,260 to date, thanks primarily to the generous donation of a pontoon boat.
  • 1 Lunker reported – Dave Maeda, 12” redear sunfish while fishing with Bill Roehrich in Lake Atagahi, using ultralight tackle.
  • 12 First Catches reported to date this season!

Treasurer’s Report – Vernetta

We currently have a balance of $28,460 in the Club’s checking account.


Programs and events – George Goyette

  • Today’s program – “Finesse Fishing” by Dave Maeda & Bill Roehrich.
  • October program – plan to publicize what the Club does for the community. Invite all Connestee residents.

Sunshine Report – Frank Wolf

No cards sent this month.


Outreach Program – George Hewertson

We will be hosting the Special Olympics athletes this coming Saturday, Sept 24, at Atagahi Park.


Fishery Management Update – Rick Hybil

  • Joe McMurray was recently fishing with Jimmy Fisher in Lake Atagahi, and in 3 hours they caught 45-50 bass. Joe was very encouraged by the size of the catches. Only 4 or 5 were in the 10”-12” range; all the rest were larger! Forage fish stocking is definitely making a difference.
  • We are planning a Fall stocking of full sized trout and expect to also continue with our forage fish stocking.
  • We have submitted a budget request to the POA for $21,000 for stocking next year.

 Fish Fry

  • 231 meal tickets were sold, generating revenues of $3,696.
  • The silent auction generated $1,990 in receipts and the merchandise raffle generated $1,140. Net profit after expenses for the tent & table rental and purchase of gift cards was $1,900. There are several unclaimed raffle prizes; ticket numbers are posted on the Club website.
  • The wine raffle got over 100 bottles donated. 1200 tickets were sold for revenues totaling $3,605. Raffle winners are:
    • 1st prize: 48 bottles to Joan Valdes & Jim Pence
    • 2nd prize: 24 bottles to Tracy Berry
    • 3rd prize: 12 bottles to Amy Osterberg
    • 4th prize: 12 bottles to Rob Sisserson
  • Leftovers from the meal, including 8 fish fillets, were donated to Bread of Life.
  • Fish Fry photos from Ray Tuers are posted on the Club website. Note that Ray has been preparing corn for the Fry for 26 years!!

Club Officers – Passing of the gavel:

Myron introduced next year’s officers. Terms begin October 1st:

  • President – George Goyette
  • Vice-president – Linda Grambow
  • Treasurer – Vernetta Milts
  • Secretary – Dave Maeda

 Next Club meeting: Thursday, October 20th.


Adjourn to the Finesse Fishing presentation by Bill Roehrich & Dave Maeda. A copy of the slides is posted on the Club website.


Al Byrne

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