Awards and Volunteer Brunch

The Club has awarded major pats on the back to a group of members for outstanding service and accomplishments.  The annual awards presentations were made during the Volunteers Brunch on October 26th.

A top award, appointment to the Club’s Hall of Fame for long-time exceptional service, went to our former secretary, Al Byrne. Al has a reputation for extending his service well beyond traditional secretarial duties. Beside creating and maintaining the Club’s website, running its Lunker Award program and developing and running its First Catch program for children, he also supervises our successful boat donation program.

Former President Rick Hybil, who was a leader of our Fishery Management Committee and still serves on it, was already named a 2022 Hall of Fame honoree in February.

Distinguished Service Awards went to former President George Hewertson, who among his many contributions has been a leader of our Outreach Program.

Fishery Management Committee chair Joe McMurray.

Randy Bunn, for chairing the Fish Fry multiple times.

Nick Revill, who was long instrumental in running Outreach, was given the Gerry Foth Exceptional Service award. Gerry, an active Club member, was president in 1994 and 1996.

Stu Davidson, who established the Club’s first bass tournament this year, was named Sportsman of the Year.

Tim Brown won the Largest Bass of the Year Award for his 26-inch fish that weighed between 7 and 8 pounds.

And in an unusual gesture, the Club cited Mae Heatherly, of the Property Owners Association’s Accounts Receivable office, with an Honorary Membership for her assistance in our dealings with the Association, particularly our ability to have Club fees and other charges charged to Connesteeans’ Association member. accounts.

Al Byrne
Joe McMurray
Joe McMurray
Tim Brown
George Hewertson
Randy Bunn
Rick Hybil
Myron Pstrak
Stu Davidson
Mae Heatherly
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