Stockings March 16th & March 24th

On March 16th, Morgan Mill Trout Farm delivered approximately 340 pounds of 4 to 7 inch fingerling trout which were stocked in lakes Tiaroga and Wanteska. Some of you may have seen fingerling schools hanging by the ramps, with big bass lurking in the deeper water.

On March 24th, Southland Fisheries delivered 300 7 to 12 inch channel catfish and 400 5 to 7 inch catfish which were stocked in all four lakes.

Both expenditures were paid for by the CF Fishing Club.

The next stocking should be in early summer with forage fish.

Joe McMurray, Fishery Management Committee


First Stocking of 2022, February 8th

The Club’s Fishery Management Committee supervised the first stocking of the year Feb. 8 when some 1,500 pounds of 15- to 16-inch rainbow trout were put into our four lakes.

As usual, the fish were apportioned based on the size of the lakes, with 525 pounds going into our largest, Lake Atagahi, 480 into Ticoa, 300 in Wanteska and 195 in Tiaroga.

At the same time, Committee volunteers chose one extra-large rainbow for each lake and tagged it with a gold bead for our Golden Trout Contest. If you catch one you get a certificate plus a $100 spending credit in your CFPOA account.

The contest, run by Club member Ray Tuers and open to anyone with a CFPOA fishing license, started last year. Just one of the first four fish placed, the one in Lake Tiaroga, was caught then, so there are presumably two now in each of the larger lakes, and the new one in Tiaroga.

The cost of the February fish was $3 per pound, for a total of $4,500. It was paid through a CFPOA stocking appropriation.

Joe McMurray thanked the Committee volunteers who braved cold temperatures for the February stocking: Rick Hybil, Bill Roehrich and Randy Bunn.


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