On 4/22 Southland Fisheries delivered 17,000 small bluegill for stocking in lakes Tiaroga, Ticoa, and Wanteska (note that Atagahi was stocked with the same in June 2020).

This was a matching fund stocking with the $8,830 cost split equally between CFPOA and CFFC.
Club members observing the stocking were Myron Pstrak, Marshall Evans, George Hewertson, Jim Ungaro and Rick Hybil. Actually, Marshall did more than observe as he assisted the Southland delivery man (John) with some fish needing to be hand carried to the water in plastic bags.


On Monday, 3/8, Morgan Mill Trout Farm stocked trout fingerlings in lakes Tiaroga and Wanteska. This was a $2,000 matching fund stocking with CFPOA paying $1,000 and CFFC paying $1,000.

Also on the same day Morgan Mill brought along a few large trout to start our Golden Trout contest. Joe McMurray and Randy Bunn tagged one golden trout for release in each of our four lakes.

Thanks to Nick Revill for his work on preparation of the tags with gold leaf to keep them golden bright while in the water until caught.

Joe McMurray tagging a Golden Trout and Randy Bunn placing in the lake.


The Club’s Fishery Management Committee supervised the first stocking of the year in our four lakes Jan. 25, putting in some 1,200 rainbow trout. Most were in the 14-inch size range. As usual, they were distributed based on the size of the lake:

  • Atagahi, received 509 pounds, or approximately 400 fish.
  • Ticoa, 467 pounds, approximately 375 fish.
  • Wanteska, 276 pounds, 220 fish.
  • Tiaroga, 203 pounds, 160 fish.

The fish came from our supplier, Morgan Mill Trout Farm, located on Route 64 south of Brevard. Joining Rick Hybil, co-chair of the Committee, in observing the operation were Randy Bunn, George Hewertson, Joe McMurray and Ray Tuers.

The fish cost $2.75 per pound, for a total cost of $4,001. That was paid by the Property Owners Association from the annual stocking appropriation in its budget.

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