The Club’s Fishery Management Committee supervised the first stocking of the year in our four lakes Jan. 25, putting in some 1,200 rainbow trout. Most were in the 14-inch size range. As usual, they were distributed based on the size of the lake:

  • Atagahi, received 509 pounds, or approximately 400 fish.
  • Ticoa, 467 pounds, approximately 375 fish.
  • Wanteska, 276 pounds, 220 fish.
  • Tiaroga, 203 pounds, 160 fish.

The fish came from our supplier, Morgan Mill Trout Farm, located on Route 64 south of Brevard. Joining Rick Hybil, co-chair of the Committee, in observing the operation were Randy Bunn, George Hewertson, Joe McMurray and Ray Tuers.

The fish cost $2.75 per pound, for a total cost of $4,001. That was paid by the Property Owners Association from the annual stocking appropriation in its budget.

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