Trout Stocking March 12, 2019

Morgan Mill Trout Farm delivered nice looking, spunky, 15+/- inch, rainbow trout Tuesday 3/12/19; and with the help of Fishing Club members, 35 of them were tagged for the Club’s trout contest.

Lake Atagahi got 504 lbs. (approx.336 fish) with 12 tagged.

Lake Tiaroga got 202 lbs. (approx. 135)fish) with 5 tagged.

Lake Ticoa got 461 lbs. (approx. 307 fish) with 11 tagged.

Lake Wanteska got 273 lbs. (approx.182 fish with 7 tagged.

Total……………1,440 lbs. (approx.960 fish),,,,,,,.35 tagged. Next stocking of these large trout will be in November.

(This update is courtesy of Rick Hybil, Fishing Club Fishery Management Committee).