Threadfin Shad Stocked

Threadfin shad were finally delivered after a three month delay by Southeastern Pond Management. They survived the 328 mile trip from Alabama very well with only a very small number of fatalities. Southeastern has very good equipment.
Anticipating a greater fatality rate and the presence of some smaller than 3 inch shad, the driver said they loaded about 80 pounds per tank instead of 60 pounds per tank (normally a tank is said to be one load of 8,000 shad) . We ordered three loads, that’s 24,000 shad, and we may have actually received about 32,000, 2-4 inch shad. Wanteska got two loads (est. 21,300 shad) and Tiaroga got one load (est. 10,700 shad).
Unloading the tanks was done thru large flexible hoses. Soon after the shad could be seen actively swimming and schooling far off shore.

Rick Hybil
Fishery Management Committee