Connestee Falls Fishing Club

The Connestee Falls Fishing Club came to life in May, 1980, when a group of 6 property-owning fishermen held their first, informal meeting. The club was subsequently officially chartered by the Connestee Falls Property Owners Association (CFPOA) as “The Fishing Club of Connestee Falls” in September 1981, with 38 charter members. It now consists of over 500 members, about 20% of whom regularly participate in club activities. The remaining members belong to the club simply to support its objectives, which are:

  1. To promote the sport of fishing.

  2. To promote good fellowship.

  3. To offer assistance to the Connestee Falls Property Owners Association in sustaining and improving the fishery of our multi-purpose lakes and related amenities.

  4. To promote water safety.

  5. To enhance the image of the Club and Connestee Falls in general in the surrounding community.

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Connestee Falls Fishing Club