Lunker Awards

The Lunker Awards Program is intended to give recognition to anyone who catches an exceptionally big fish in one of our Connestee Falls lakes. This will also provide feedback to our Fishery Management Committee and other fishermen about the health of our fishery. The individual will receive a certificate, honorable mention in the Friday Flyer, and recognition at a Fishing Club meeting and on the Club’s web site. And for Bass lunker reports by Club members & non-members, a $25 clubhouse dining certificate and, for non-members, a free 1 year Club membership will be awarded. The Bass lunker dining certificates will be limited to the 1st 20 lunker Bass reported in a calendar year and limited to 1 per person per membership year. 

Fish must meet the following minimum lengths

Bass19 inches
Trout20 inches
Catfish25 inches
Bluegill (Sunfish/Brim)11 inches
Perch14 inches

If an eligible fish is caught, fill out the Submit a Catch form or contact Bill Roehrich at 884-6642. In addition to the length, please provide where/when the fish was caught and the bait/lure used. Please follow “catch and release” guidelines (see flyer handed out when you purchased your Connestee Falls fishing license). If you harvest the fish, additional specifics would be appreciated including weight, girth, and a picture alongside a tape measure. Also, the Club would appreciate a photo of you holding your lunker.

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