Lake Stocking 11/14/2019

The last large trout stocking of 2019, and the first of the cold water season took place on Thursday 11/14/19.
Alfred from Morgan Mill Trout Farm delivered 1,440 lbs. of nice looking one to two pound ( 15+/- inch) rainbows. Atagahi got 504 lbs., Ticoa got 461 lbs., Wanteska got 273 lbs. and Tiaroga got 202 lbs.
At $2.50/lb. the cost was $3,600 paid for by CFPOA. Future costs will increase by 10% to $2.75/lb.


Our next stocking will be forage fish (trout fingerlings) for Wanteska and Tiaroga, scheduled for later this month. 
The stocking plan for 2020 has not yet been finalized pending budget approvals (both CFPOA and CFFC) as well as discussions and decisions during our upcoming Fishery Management Committee meeting.


Rick Hybil
CFFC Fishery Management Committee

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