*Forage Fish Stocking 6/11/2020

Southland Fisheries delivered our order for 24,000, 1-3 inch sunfish (bluegills & shellcrackers) on Thursday June 11th. They were stocked as forage fish to help support our bass population. The sunfish were distributed in four places along the shoreline in Lake Atagahi, from Little Atagahi to the large cove near the Atagahi dam. The fish looked and acted healthy with only a small number of fatalities during the 165 mile trip from the fish farm.

Thanks goes to:

Joe McMurray for helping muscle some that needed to go into the water using a net.

Spencer Brown for providing us legal passage along the lake berm to access desirable stocking sites.

Ray Tuers for the photography ( see upcoming Connestee Falls News).

Jim Ungaro for counting the fish to verify the invoice quantity and $'s.

The total cost of this stocking was a $12,330, funded with $6,000 from CFPOA and $6,330 from the Fishing Club.

Rick Hybil
Fishery Management Committee

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