Rainbow Trout


Rainbow trout have a colorful pink or red stripe extending down sides. Numerous black spots on back and dorsal and tailfins. Tail slightly forked. Up to 5 pounds in our lakes. Average length 12-16 inches, with a few over 20 inches.



Clear, cold water with plenty of cover. Generally will not tolerate temperatures above 70 degrees. Spawning does not occur in lakes, as the process requires moving water and gravel beds to keep the eggs clean and oxygenated.



Eats insects, crustaceans and fish. Bait fishing is popular and many fish are taken on canned corn, nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, crayfish, cheese balls, and tiny marshmallows. Artificial baits include spinners, jigs, small spoons, imitation crawfish, minnow crankbaits and dry flies. Trolling slowly with a small spinner on a relatively long line is a good technique for our lakes until surface temperatures exceed 70 degrees.


Additional Information

Trout stocked in our lakes by the Fishing Club are obtained from fish farms, and are usually 1 1/2 - 2 years old, 12-16 inches long, and female. (Females grow faster, thus are favored by fish farmers.) They cannot reproduce in our lakes. However, they apparently do survive the warmer water temperatures during our summers, by staying deep (but not so deep as to run out of oxygen), or congregating near sources of cold water (underwater springs or stream entry points). Maximum life span for trout is 8-15 years. A few Brown Trout have also been stocked in our lakes.

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