Blue Channel Catfish


Easily identified by lack of scales. Stout, sharp spines in pectoral and dorsal fins and cat-like barbels on mouth. Weights of 2 to 10 pounds typical. Two foot, ten-pound catfish are not uncommon in Connestee Falls' lakes. 30 to 40 pounders are believed to exist here.



Shallower, warmer water. Most active in the early evening. Spawns in cavities in hollow logs, holes in undercut banks, and beneath rocks when water reaches 70-75 degrees.



Use hot dog pieces, worms, cutbait, shrimp, chicken livers, or blood and stink baits. Artificial lures are occasionally successful.


Additional Information

Skinned and filleted, these are excellent food fish, especially smaller specimens. Larger specimens tend to have a stronger, less desirable flavor which can be reduced by rinsing fillets in buttermilk before cooking.

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