Grass Carp


Slate gray in color with a dark spot at the base of each scale. A single, stiff spine in both the dorsal and anal fins. Sucker-like mouth with a barbel on each corner. Typical weights of 5-25 pounds.



Very tolerant of polluted waters. Prefer warm-standing or slow-moving water. Schools of up to two dozen large fish have been seen floating, virtually motionless, just below the surface of warm, shallow water. Normally spawn in very shallow 59 -77 degrees. water, but our specimens are sterile.



Very strong fighter. Use dough balls, worms, and corn; but since these are plant eaters, they cannot be easily caught with rod and reel.


Additional Information

Lake Atagahi only. Being plant eaters, a small number of slate-colored carp were introduced into the lake to help control vegetation in the shallow areas, particularly south of the causeway. They should be released if caught.

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