Final Fish Stocking of 2018

The following report was provided by Rick Hybil, Fishery Management Committee:

Monday, November 19th, was the final fish stocking of 2018.

Rainbow trout (15 +/- 2 inches) were stocked in all four lakes.
Lake Atagahi got 490 lbs. (approx. 327 fish)
Lake Ticoa got 448 lbs. (approx. 299 fish)
Lake Wanteska got 266 lbs. (approx. 177 fish)
Lake Tiaroga got 196 lbs (approx. 131 fish)

Total…………….1,400 lbs. (approx. 934 fish)
Total cost was $3,500, funded by the CFPOA.

Previously, on November 5th, forage fish (3-5-inch trout fingerlings) were stocked in Wanteska and Tiaroga.
Lake Wanteska got 7,867 fingerlings
Lake Tiaroga got 5,466 fingerlings
Total……………. 13,333 fingerlings
Total cost was $4,000,
with $2,000 funded by the CFPOA and $2,000 by the Fishing Club.