Archived – 2016 Constitution & Bylaws amendments

Below are listed 8 proposed amendments to the Club’s Constitution & Bylaws. To vote For/Against any or all of the amendments, read them through and then come back and click the link below to go to the voting form:

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(Note: Added/new wording is in blue italics; deleted wording carries strike-out lines.)

Amendment #1:  Constitution, Article II, “Objectives”  (This amendment provides for clarification and updating of the Club’s broad objectives)

1. To promote good fellowship the sport of fishing.

2. To promote good fellowship. the sport of fishing by


Promoting fishing rules and regulations.

3. To offer assistance to the Connestee Falls Property Owners Association (CFPOA) in improving the ecology of our multi-purpose lakes and their fishery, and related amenities. in sustaining and improving the fishery of our multi-purpose lakes and related amenities.

4. To offer assistance in establishing water safety programs promote water safety.

5. To sponsor fishing programs enhance the image of the Club and Connestee Falls in general in the surrounding community.


Amendment #2:  Constitution, Article III, “Membership”, Section 1  (This amendment makes it clear through the added text that household memberships, in which multiple individuals may be involved, are entitled to just one vote, the same as an individual Lifetime member)

There shall be three types of membership. Those listed in a and b below are limited to Connestee Falls Property Owners Association members and each of those types is entitled to one vote in all matters where member voting is required.

    1. Household membership for one or more residents in a household.

    2. Lifetime membership — for Club members who have provided exceptional service to the Club for at least ten years and are selected by the Executive Committee.

    3. Honorary membership – Granted to persons who are not members of the Club or the CFPOA but have consistently provided exceptional service to the Club. Granting honorary membership must be recommended by the Executive Committee and requires approval of a majority of members present at a regular meeting.


Amendment #3:  Constitution, Article IV, Section 1 “Officers and Committees”  (This amendment adds a phrase that mandates term limits for only the President and Vice President, allowing the secretary and treasurer unlimited terms)

Executive functions of this Club shall be vested in the elected officers, namely: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Officers The President and Vice President are limited to two one-year terms in the same position when served consecutively; individuals are permitted to serve in an office held in the past if at least one year has elapsed since the prior service. Terms run from October 1 to September 30.


Amendment #4:  Constitution, Article IV, Section 2 “Officers and Committees”  (This amendment adds a phrase that makes it a requirement of the immediate past-president sitting on the Committee as a voting member to have served at least one full term in that office. It ensures that person will bring a maximum amount of experience to the Committee)

There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the four officers of the current term and the immediate full-term past-president. Previous past presidents are welcome to participate in an advisory role but will not have voting privileges.


Amendment #5:  Bylaws, Article I “Meetings” Sections 1 (Regular) & 3 (Annual)  (This amendment deletes mention of a specific day of the month for regular meetings and changes the Annual Meeting to an awards presentation meeting to give the Executive Committee more flexibility in scheduling and organizing those sessions)

RegularThe third Thursday of each month at a time and place determined by the Executive Committee, excluding September and December.

Scheduled at a time and place as determined by the Executive Committee.

Annual The date for the Annual Meeting shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

An awards presentation meeting shall be determined by the Executive Committee.


Amendment #6:  Bylaws, Article II “Elections”  (This amendment clarifies the purpose of the Nominating Committee and provides for electronic voting and election by acclamation when there is only one person running for an office)

At the June meeting, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members, designating a Chairperson, for the nomination of officers. The Nominating Committee shall submit its slate at the regular July meeting and accept nominations from the floor. The slate shall remain open to nominations up to the election at the August meeting. The election shall be at the September meeting by a show of hands members previously casting ballots electronically and those present at that meeting. If there is more than one candidate for an office, the candidate with the most votes shall win. If there is only one candidate for an office there shall be no balloting for that office and the one candidate shall be elected at the meeting by acclamation.


Amendment #7:  Bylaws, Article VI “Finances” Section 2  (This amendment sets back the annual budget process to allow Club officers more time to evaluate the previous year’s budget performance before the next year’s budget is proposed. It also provides for electronic voting)

The annual budget shall be prepared by the Executive Committee, introduced and made available to members at the regular meeting in October November and approved by a majority of members casting votes electronically and present at the regular meeting in November January.


Amendment #8:  Bylaws, Article VI “Finances” Section 4  (This amendment allows the Executive Committee to consider supporting non-fishing-related activities in Connestee Falls)

The funds contained within the Fishing Club treasury shall not be used for enhancing and promoting the objectives stated in Article II of the constitution and, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, supporting other Connestee Falls organizations, funds and projects. purposes other than to enhance or otherwise promote the objectives stated in Article II of the Constitution.


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