Club Meeting Minutes – Sept 22, 2018 at Atagahi Park

Call to order was made by George Hewertson with 40 members and guests in attendance

The Pledge was led by Ken Stark

At today’s meeting we had 1 guest attending – Dave Patterson

50/50 Raffle:

Howard Fisher held the winning ticket and collected $41.

President’s report and announcements – George Hewertson:

  1. The minutes from the last Club meeting were approved. These minutes are available on the Club’s website under the heading “News & Events”.
  2. Our Club Volunteer Brunch is Tuesday, Oct 2. The event recognizes all our wonderful volunteers who have helped out during the year.
  3. George gave a brief overview of today’s meeting agenda and reminded us that our next Club meeting will be on Thursday, Oct 18 at the Clubhouse, starting at 9 AM.

Election of Club Officers – Nick Revill:

Nick announced the appointment of Club officers for the coming season: Jim Bailey – President, Carol Marines – Vice-President, Jim Ungaro – Treasurer, and Al Byrne – Secretary. Their terms begin on October 1.

Sunshine Report – Frank Wolf:

Frank reported the cards that were sent this month on behalf of the Club.

Programs & Events – Jim Bailey:

  1. Jim introduced today’s program about Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
  2. Since we are having the Volunteers Brunch in October, no post-meeting program is scheduled for that month.
  3. Jim asked that we let him know of ideas for future meeting programs. Jim suggested that Club members’ personal fishing experiences would be welcome additions to future programs.
  4. Sometime in October we will be cleaning up the previously donated benches located around Connestee. If you are able to help with this effort, please contact Nick Revill.
  5. We are continuing to plan a Connestee fishing tournament for next Spring. Entry fees (probably $25 each angler) will be donated to support the Brevard HS Fishing Team, and we plan to invite the team members to participate.
  6. If you have any un-needed fishing equipment, please consider donating it to the Club for the HS Fishing Team.

Secretary’s Report – Al Byrne:

  1. Club memberships for the 2018/2019 season are at 256 households. Our memberships last season at year end were 265 households.

  2. Boat sales receipts YTD are $5,775. We have several recent donations of canoes and a 2-person kayak, which will be posted on our website shortly. Contact Al Byrne for more information.

Outreach – Nick Revill:

  1. Nick showed us the large paper fish with many signatures, presented to the Club from the Boys & Girls Club.
  2. The Special Olympics Outreach event was last Saturday and was a fun outing in spite of the iffy weather. The fishing was pretty good, with 2 lunker Bluegills caught. We had about 17 active anglers with many parents and supporters also attending. T-shirts and hats were distributed to the participants.
  3. There is only one scheduled event remaining for the season: Goodwill Industries on October 17.

Treasurer’s report – Jim Ungaro:

With Jim absent from the meeting, there was no Treasurer’s update for this month.

Fishery Management – Rick Hybil:

  1. The surface water temperatures are running in the high 70’s, with oxygen levels quite low below 15′. Recent trout fishing has been very good.
  2. The trout in Lake Tiaroga apparently survived quite will over the summer, with no evidence of dead fish reported.
  3. The Fishery Management committee has recommended that the lakes be lowered every year. CF Maintenance is reluctant to do this so often because of the risk of a riser becoming stuck and emptying an entire lake. It is also time consuming to check all the boats of those away from Connestee to be sure dock lines are sufficiently lengthened to accommodate the lake level drop. (CFFC volunteers could help with that effort).

Tagged Fish – Ray Tuers:

Ray reported that no tagged fish were reported since the last meeting. A total of 9 tagged fish have been reported so far this year. (35 are tagged each year).

Lunker Awards – Al Byrne:

On September 5th Les Saucier caught an 11” Redear Sunfish near Atagahi Park using a 3 wt fly rod. Les also caught a lunker Redear last month.

Other Comments/Questions from the floor:

Gillian Hillman mentioned that she is organizing the decorating of a “doggie tree” for a fund raising event at the Porter Center on Nov 28th. If you can help with the decorating, please contact Gillian.

Our next monthly meeting:

Thursday, October 18, at the Clubhouse starting at 9 AM.

Adjourn to the meeting program – Jim Bailey:

Following the business meeting, we had an excellent talk from Jim Bailey about his camping/canoeing/fishing adventures in Minnesota’s pristine, 1 million acre, Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area. Thank you Jim for sharing your experiences!

9/22/2018  Al Byrne