Club Meeting Minutes, October 18, 2018, Clubhouse Lounge

Call to order was made by Jim Bailey with 20 members and guests in attendance

The Pledge was led by John Gannon

Welcome New Members & Guests:

Guest Dave Watkins told the group a little of his background and how he ended up living in Connestee.

50/50 Raffle:

Marjorie Wunder held the winning ticket and collected $20.

President’s report and announcements – Jim Bailey:

  1. The minutes from the last Club meeting were approved. These minutes are available on the Club’s website under the heading “News & Events”.
  2. Jim welcomed Carol Marines as our new Vice-President.
  3. The Club’s Volunteer Brunch was held Oct 2nd, with approx 44 volunteers attending. The following awards were presented:
    • Past President – George Hewertson
    • Largest Bass – Quentin Bahr
    • Sportsman of the Year – Kevin Henebry
    • Distinguished Service – Rob Amato, Chris Wunder, Myron Pstrak, Joe McMurray, and Jim McIntosh

Since Chris Wunder was unable to attend the Brunch, he was presented with his award at this time.

  1. Our next Club meeting will be held on Thursday, November 15th, at the Clubhouse starting at 9 a.m.

Sunshine Report – Marian Wolf:

Marian reported that 1 card was sent this month on behalf of the Club. And Marian was advised that Ken Stark recently had knee replacement surgery.

Programs & Events – Carol Marines:

  1. Since we had the Volunteers Brunch earlier this month, no formal meeting program is scheduled for today. However, we are inviting members to share their “fish tales” with the group.
  2. Carol discussed several ideas for future meeting programs, including bringing in representatives from groups that participate in our Outreach events. Carol also mentioned bringing in our next Sheriff. And Carol asked that we let her know of other suggestions for future meeting programs.
  3. For next month’s program (Nov 15), Mike Cheek of the NC Forest Service will speak about the recently opened Headwaters State Forest.
  4. We plan to clean the previously donated benches located around Connestee, scheduled for 10 am Oct 30th, meeting at Atagahi Park. If you are able to help with this effort, please contact Nick Revill (
  5. The First Annual Connestee Falls fishing tournament is scheduled for May 11th.
    • We will fish all 4 lakes.
    • Atagahi Park has been reserved for gathering, food, and awards.
    • We plan to bring in the Brevard HS Fishing team to join in the event. They will be competing amongst themselves (not against our other participants).
    • We need additional volunteers to help with sales/marketing and score keeping.

Treasurer’s report – Jim Ungaro:

  1. Our financial performance to date is very favorable compared to budget. Jim cautioned that our current cash balance includes significant amounts for a community project and lake stocking that will be carried forward into 2019. Jim also advised that we continue to be conservative in our spending, considering that we had some exceptional revenue this year (particularly from boat sales and the Fish Fry), but we cannot expect that level of continued income in future years.
  2. The proposed Club budget for 2019 will be presented at the November Club meeting, with final voting by the membership at the January meeting. Club members will also be given the opportunity to vote and comment on the budget electronically prior to the January meeting.
  3. Jim noted that the proposed budget for 2019 will include a $1,000 donation to the Connestee Employees Fund. (Our contribution for 2018 was also $1,000, increased from the $800 budgeted). Jim emphasized the great support we get from the Connestee employees for our many Club activities/events.

Secretary’s Report – Al Byrne:

  1. Club memberships for the 2018/2019 season are at 256 households. Our memberships at year end last year were 265 households.
  2. We currently have 3 inexpensive canoes and a 2-person kayak for sale. Check our website for photos and pricing.
  3. And check our website for a variety of other information about the Club, including Club History, Calendar of Events, Contact Info for Club Officers, Meeting Minutes, Lunker Catches, and more.

Outreach – Nick Revill:

  1. The event with Goodwill Industries was held on October 17. Although the fishing was poor (2 brim) and the weather was cold, the participants enjoyed getting outdoors and having a picnic lunch.
  2. Our Outreach trailer is 10 yrs old and needs new tires. And we will be purchasing additional replacement reels next year. These items will be included in the proposed 2019 budget.
  3. Our recent reel purchases have been Abu Garcia for about $45 ea. They are more costly than previous reels, but are proving to be much more reliable.
  4. We could use some additional help next year maintaining our fishing equipment. And Nick is looking for more ideas for next year’s Outreach program.
  5. We will provide hats again next year to participants. They were a big hit this year.

Fishery Management – Rick Hybil:

  1. The surface water temperatures are cooling off, running about 70 deg from the surface down to about 15 ft, with good oxygen. The thermocline is at about 20-25 ft in Lake Atagahi.
  2. A stocking of 14”-16” rainbows is planned for November, prior to Thanksgiving. And a stocking of 3”-5” trout fingerlings (forage fish) is also planned for this Fall in Lakes Wanteska and Tiaroga.
  3. Next year we are planning to introduce forage fish in all 4 lakes to help enhance the bass populations.
  4. There was a comment that trout can be found as deep as 60 ft in Lake Ticoa. We have never been able to verify that there are active springs on the bottom of Lake Ticoa, providing oxygen to the deeper waters; but we will continue to investigate.
  5. The CFPOA is now a member of the North Carolina Lake Management Society. This affiliation should provide helpful information for future lake management.
  6. The CFPOA proposed lake stocking budget for next year is $10,800 (increased from $10,500 in 2018). We are also expecting approx $7,000 in matching funds from CFPOA for stocking.

Tagged Fish :

No tagged fish were reported since the last meeting. A total of 9 tagged fish have been reported so far this year. (35 are tagged each year).

Lunker Awards – Al Byrne:

  1. Two of the participants at our Special Olympics Outreach event caught 11” bluegills. Nick Revill will present their awards at the upcoming Special Olympics banquet on Oct 19th.
  2. On Oct 6, Chris Wunder caught an exceptional 21”, 2 lb 6 oz rainbow on Lake Ticoa using a fly rod.

Our next monthly meeting:

Thursday, November 15, at the Clubhouse starting at 9 AM.

Adjourn to the meeting program – Jim Bailey:

Following the business meeting, we heard several very interesting “fish tales” from our members. Thanks to all who shared!

10/18/2018  Al Byrne