Club Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2019

Call to order was made by President Jim Bailey with approximately 50 members and guests in attendance.

One of the members led The Pledge

Welcome New Members & Guests:

Jim welcomed 6 guests/new members

50/50 Raffle:

Paul Komar held the winning ticket and generously returned his share.

President’s report and announcements – Jim Bailey:

  1. The minutes of last month’s Club meeting were approved.
  2. Jim invited George Hewertson to give a brief overview of the upcoming, Saturday, June 22 Fish-A-Rama event. George said that everything was in place for our annual CF family- focused community event and encouraged members to spread the word and wander down to enjoy the fun.
  3. Jim announced the formation of a Nominating committee – George Hewertson, Nick Revill and one other (tbd). Those members that wish to express an interest in becoming an officer of the club should, in the first instance, approach a member of that committee.
  4. Jim reviewed the current list of proposed Community Projects:

These had now been narrowed down to: Installation of railings along the Ticoa Park dock and improved Signage. Further details will be forthcoming and put to the membership for final consideration.

Water Safety – Jim Bailey.

  1. Jim asked that folks review and raise their awareness around this very important topic. To date we have never had any serious incidents within CF, a record that we’re proud of and would like to see continue.

Programs & Events – Carol Marines:

  1. Today’s program will be our very own Chef John demonstrating how to prepare and cook fish.
  2. The July program, Thursday July 18, will host Sheriff Mahoney in the Cherokee Room.
  3. For the August program, we are planning to host GM Jim Whitmore.

Fish Fry Update – Randy Bunn:

  1. This year’s event is scheduled for Friday, July 19th, at Atagahi Park starting at 4 pm. Randy stated that, while there are always a few loose ends, overall the event is coming together well. As always, additional volunteers and donations are always welcome.
  2. Randy informed members that the previous option of baked cod had been removed from this year’s menu and replaced with larger amounts of pulled pork alongside the traditional fried catfish.
  3. Projected costs remain the same as previous years if not a little under. Consequently ticket prices remain the same at $16 per person. Tickets are now available online at our website <>
  4. Treasurer, Jim Ungaro reminded folks that this annual event always sold out quickly and encouraged members to buy their tickets early.
  5. Quite a few members donated wine at the meeting. John Gannon continues to collect wine for the Wine Bonanza and will pick up if necessary. You can contact John at 603-490-7976, or his email at
  6. John Ciriello is collecting crafts from residents for the raffles and silent auction.
  7. Chris Wunder will be producing a calendar again this year. Chris reported that he now has sufficient photographs and is in the process of final selection. The calendar this year will be in 15-month format. Chris also asked for help in selling tickets for the Wine Bonanza, either on an individual basis or volunteering to sell at the event itself.

Sunshine Report No announcements were made.

Secretary’s Report – George Hewertson for Al Byrne:

  1. To date we have 203 member households that have joined/renewed Club memberships (including lifetime members). This is consistent with previous years and with the Fish Fry just around the corner we can expect the usual surge in membership.
  1. Two more Jon boats will soon be added to the already healthy stock of canoes and boats in our RV1 storage rack. As our website is updated all of the current inventory will soon be ready for viewing. Call Al Byrne if interested. Again, Joe McMurray and Ken Stark were recognized for their efforts in cleaning, picking up, and delivering our boats.
  1. Sales to date have realized a very impressive $1,700.00

Treasurer’s report – Jim Ungaro:

Jim reported that we remain on budget for the year, with approx. $16K in funds. There will be a major stocking of forage fish coming up that requires an expenditure of $14K. However the direct cost of that will be borne equally by CFFC and the CFPOA. All foreseeable expenditures are within budget and with our major fund raising event (Fish Fry) just around the corner we remain in good financial shape.

Outreach – Nick Revill:

Nick reviewed the two recent Outreach events, namely the Black Mountain Home and PARI.

The Black mountain home took place on Friday, May 31st at the much later time than usual of 5 p.m. This very enjoyable group consisted of 25 individuals, of various ages, accompanied by 3 chaperones. Their natural enthusiasm paid off when it came to the fishing – 20 Brim, 7 Bass, 2 trout and 1 Yellow Perch. After the event they were treated to a “snack” of a dozen pizzas and over 22 lbs. of watermelon! Each individual was awarded a hat and took away with them a bag of home made cookies.

The PARI group took place on June 18th, the first of three planned events. It was a large group consisting of 28 individuals in the age range of 15-17 years old and they were accompanied by 7 chaperones. This is a very diverse group of young people that not only come from all parts of the USA but also includes a number of overseas students. The majority of them had never fished before but that did not prevent them from a very successful catch of 29 Brim, 4 Bass and 1 Perch. After lunch at the pavilion they enjoyed games of basketball, soccer and volleyball with equipment supplied by Outreach. A welcome break from their academic studies, this was a very successful day enjoyed by all.

Fishery Management – Rick Hybil & Joe McMurray:

  1. The thermo cline remains at about 15’-20’.
  2. Surface temperatures are seasonable with trout predictably going down to the cooler waters and Bass becoming more active especially around the shoreline.
  3. We are expecting a significant delivery of Gambusia minnows (see under Treasurers report) in early July that will be dispersed in Lakes Atagahi and Ticoa. We are hoping they will spawn a couple of times before the winter.

Tagged Fish – There were no tagged fish reported this month.

Lunker Awards – George Hewertson

On 5/26, 9-year-old Peyton Worley, accompanied by his father Justin, caught an 11-inch Brim at Atagahi Park. The following day at Atagahi dam, Peyton then reeled in an 8 pound, 26 inch Catfish!

On 6/3, Joe McMurray landed a 4 pound, 19 inch Bass from Lake Atagahi.

Criteria and awards for Lunkers can be found on our website <> and George suggested that members make a note of the sizes and have it available when out fishing just in case the “unexpected” happened.

Our next monthly meeting:

  1. Thursday, July 18, when we will host Sheriff Mahoney in the Cherokee Room.

Adjourn to the meeting program – introduction of Chef John* by Carol Marines:

*There followed a demonstration, along with several useful inside tips, from Chef John with regard to the preparation and cooking of your very own catch of the day. The demo’ took place outside on the patio and was well attended not only by club members but also members of the community.


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