Club Meeting Minutes – 7/19/2018 at 9 AM Atagahi Park

Call to order was made by George Hewertson with 35 members in attendance

The Pledge was led by Joe McMurray

We had no new members or guests at today’s meeting.

50/50 Raffle:

Chris Wunder held the winning ticket and donated his winnings back to the Club. Total receipts were $59.

President’s report and announcements – George Hewertson:

  1. The minutes from the last Club meeting were approved. These minutes are available on the Club’s website under the heading “News & Events”.
  2. George gave a brief overview of today’s meeting agenda.
  3. The Fish-A-Rama on June 23rd was a great success. We had 41 registrants; caught 58 brim, 9 bass, and 2 trout; and we consumed 100+ very large hot dogs.

Election of Club Officers – Nick Revill:

The nominations to date are Jim Bailey for President and Carol Marines for Vice-President. Nick encouraged Club members to offer additional candidates.

Sunshine Report – Marian Wolf:

Marian reported that 4 cards were sent this month on behalf of the Club. Marian also asked for additional volunteers for Fish Fry servers.

Programs & Events – Jim Bailey:

  1. Jim introduced today’s program: “Show & Tell” where Club members bring their favorite rod/reel/tackle to help us learn what works best in our lakes.
  2. Next month’s Club meeting program has not yet been finalized. And Jim asked that we let him know of ideas for future programs.
  3. Bill Roehrich suggested that we prepare a video presentation by several of our key Club members on their favorite fishing rods/reels/tackle and fishing techniques.

Treasurer’s report – Jim Ungaro:

  1. Tickets for this year’s Fish Fry are sold out.
  2. On 7/2 we completed a Threadfin Chad stocking in Lakes Wanteska and Tiaroga. The stocking was about ½ the original order, due to adverse weather conditions at the supplier. We are carrying over $3,500 to next year for additional Threadfin Chad stocking.
  3. For our Community Project we will likely carry-over our budgeted funding to next year. This will allow for a larger project.

Secretary’s Report – Al Byrne:

  1. Club memberships for the 2018/2019 season are at 245 households, just slightly behind last year’s numbers.

  2. We have several boats currently available for sale and a couple of additional boats recently donated that will offered for sale shortly. Watch our website and Nextdoor for availability.

Fish Fry – Steve Seelinger & Kevin Henebry

  1. Kevin reviewed the final event preparations.
  2. The 40′ tent will be delivered today. CFPOA Maintenance is overseeing the installation.
  3. Hats and “vintage” t-shirts will be sold during the event.
  4. Steve recognized Chris Wunder for his efforts as chair of the donations committee for the silent auction and raffle. And Chris offered some comments on this year’s donations (approx 50):
    • A $329 wine cooler was donated by Lowes.
    • The Wine Bonanza has accumulated 49 bottles.
    • New this year is the Fishing Club calendar, which will be offered for sale during the FF. The calendar runs from August 2018 thru July 2019. All of the design and printing was provided by volunteers! Chris passed around several copies…….awesome job! Calendars will be sold for $15 ea / 2 for $25 / 3 for $30.

Outreach – Nick Revill:

  1. Nick reviewed the 5 recent Outreach events including Fish-A-Rama.
  2. Our Outreach volunteers are now being referred to as “guides”.
  3. And a special thanks to Ted Migues who secured vast quantities of bait for our events this season.

Fishery Management – Rick Hybil:

  1. The surface water temperature at Atagahi dam is 81 deg, with oxygen levels dropping. Water temp at the Carson Creek inlet to Atagahi is 69.7 deg. The thermocline is at about 10-15′ depth.
  2. During the Threadfin Shad stocking on 7/2, we placed approx 20,000 in Lake Wanteska and 10,000 in Lake Tiaroga.
  3. It was suggested that a Fishery Management update be regularly posted on the Club’s website. And Rick mentioned that he would need volunteers to help collect water data. We will discuss at the next CFFC Executive meeting.
  4. Rick encouraged anglers who catch trout to take them home this time of year. It is difficult to release them unharmed.

Tagged Fish – Ray Tuers:

Ray reported that Dan Hartley caught a blue-tagged trout on 6/23 near the dam on Lake Ticoa. Since Dan was not a Club member, he received a $25 Clubhouse dining certificate and a free 1 year Club membership.

Lunker Awards – Al Byrne:

Chris Wunder caught a 21 1/2” trout on Lake Ticoa; 13 yr old Justin Santilli caught a 14 1/2” perch on Lake Tiaroga; and 15 yr old Quentin Bahr caught a 20” bass by the Lake Ticoa dam.

Our next monthly meeting:

Thursday, August 16th, starting at 9:00 AM in the Atagahi Park pavilion.

Adjourn to the meeting program – introduction by Jim Bailey:

Following the business meeting, we had to opportunity to see & discuss the favorite rods & tackle that Club members brought for “Show & Tell”.


Al Byrne