Club Meeting Minutes – 7/18/2019

Call to order was made by President Jim Bailey with 42 members and guests in attendance in the Clubhouse Lounge

The Pledge was led by a Club member

Welcome New Members & Guests:

Jim welcomed 1 guest.

50/50 Raffle:

Mike Rothman held the winning ticket and collected $52.

President's report and announcements – Jim Bailey:

  1. The minutes of last month’s Club meeting were approved.
  2. Kevin Henebry volunteered for the Club officer Nominating committee, in addition to George Hewertson and Nick Revill who had already been appointed.
  3. We will proceed with a community project to purchase & install a Fishing Regulation and Creel Limit signage board in Atagahi Park. Approx total cost will be $600, with CFPOA to provide matching funds.
  4. Jim thanked Nick & Cheryl, George Hewertson, and Carol Marines for their special efforts in making the CF Activity Showcase a success. 7 new Club members signed up.

Water Safety Moment – Jim Bailey:

  1. Know water depths, whether on a pool deck or on the dock … and how that relates to the height of the
    swimmers in your party … especially kids.
    A 6 year-old should know that 4 ft of water is (probably) over his or her head, and 3 1/2 ft of water is
    up to his eyes, which is still over his airway.
  2. This piece of knowledge helps swimmers make good decisions and helps them to understand how water
    depths are different for each person.
  3. All water can be dangerous - even inches.  Always enter the water feet first.

Programs & Events – Carol Marines:

  1. For today’s program we are hosting Sheriff David Mahoney.
  2. For the August program we are planning to host GM Jim Whitmore.
  3. And for September we plan to share our Club member fishing experiences.

Fish Fry Update – Randy Bunn:

  1. Randy gave a brief review of preparations for the Fry and asked that any volunteers with questions see him after the meeting.
  2. Jim Ungaro reported that the Fry is sold out, with 260 tickets sold.

Sunshine Report:

A Club member asked that a card be sent to Jim Rumph.

Secretary's Report – Al Byrne:

We have several inexpensive canoes, 2 aluminum v-hulls, 3 sit-on-top kayaks, and a complete sailing dinghy in our RV1 storage rack. A complete list all available boats is on our website. Call Al Byrne if interested.

Treasurer's report – Jim Ungaro:

  1. Jim reported the recent expenditure of $14,000 ($7,000 CFFC, $7,000 CFPOA) for forage fish stocking. (Gambusia minnows were placed in lakes Ticoa and Atagahi).
  2. Hats were also purchased by the Club for Outreach participants.

Outreach – Nick Revill:

Nick reviewed the recent Outreach events and commented on how well the “casting camps” have been received.

Fishery Management – Rick Hybil & Joe McMurray:

  1. Surface temperatures are running at about 79-81 deg, with the thermocline at 15’-20’.
  2. Trout are hanging at about 10’-15’.
  3. Due to concerns with the fish feeder attracting geese, the daily schedule has been moved to 5:45 am.
  4. Approx 50,000 Gambusia minnows were stocked in Lakes Ticoa and Atagahi on July 9th.

Tagged Fish – Ray Tuers

Bill Hudson caught a 20” tagged trout on Lake Atagahi, with this year’s tag.

Lunker Awards – Al Byrne

  1. On 6/22 Les Saucier caught an 11” male bluegill near Atagahi Dam using a fly rod with a popping bug.
  2. On 7/1 Les caught a 13” redear bream near Atagahi Park.

Our next monthly meeting:

Thursday, August 15th, when we will host GM Jim Whitmore in the Atagahi Park pavilion.

Adjourn to the meeting program – introduction of Sheriff Mahoney by Carol Marines:

Sheriff Mahoney gave an outstanding presentation, focused mainly on the development of the department’s 2 youth camps: Shield Camp and Dare Camp.

Donations to support the camps can be made to the Blue Line Foundation of Transylvania County.


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