Club Meeting Minutes – 3/21/2019 Clubhouse Lounge

Call to order was made by President Jim Bailey with approximately 30 members in attendance.

Randy Bunn led The Pledge

Welcome New Members & Guests:

Jim welcomed one new guest, Glen Hartsom and our guest speaker Lt Greg Stroup representing the School Resource Officers and the Sheriffs Shield Camp.

50/50 Raffle:

Jim Rumph held the winning ticket and collected $23.

President’s report and announcements – Jim Bailey:

  1. The minutes of last month’s Club meeting were approved.
  • Randy Bunn will be the 2019 Fish Fry Chairperson and will need lots of volunteers to help out. Randy passed around volunteer signup sheets to get the ball rolling.

Programs & Events – Carol Marines:

  1. Our first ever Club Fishing Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, May 11th. There will be a $25 entrance fee. Details are almost complete and we need volunteers to help with marketing.
  • For our program this morning, Lt Greg Stroup will be discussing the Sheriff’s Shield camp.
  • Our April meeting program will be “Fishing in Ohio” and presented by fellow member Wes Davidson.
  • There will be no program per se in May as, following our regular meeting; there will be another “boat show” along with our famous hotdogs. This will take place on Saturday, May 18 at Atagahi Pavilion. If you have a “tricked out” boat we would love to see it there.
  • Tentative plans for future meeting programs include: Sheriff Mahoney; representatives from our Outreach participating organizations; and a demo of how to fillet fish. Please let Carol know your suggestions for future meeting programs.
  • Carol also reported that she (representing CFFC) along with the GM and others attended a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting. While it was mostly political the food was excellent and she received a number of positive comments especially with regard to our Outreach program.

Sunshine Report – Frank Wolf:

Frank reported that 4 cards were sent out this month on behalf of the Club.

Secretary’s Report – George Hewertson for Al Byrne:

  1. George reminded Club members that their memberships for the 2018/2019 seasons expire on April 30th. You can renew online on our website or stop in the Admin office and pick up a membership form. To date we have approximately ninety members that have currently renewed so far.
  1. In addition members were reminded that April 30 is also the date that current CF fishing licenses expire and will need to be renewed. This can be done at the Admin office.
  1. As always if you know of any folks not using their boat, please encourage them to donate it to the Fishing Club. We currently have a healthy stock of canoes so again if you know of anyone looking for one, ask them to call (Al Byrne) or go to our website.
  1. The Club continues working on completion of an inventory of all the boat storage slips in Connestee.
  1. George encouraged everyone to carry at least one or two CFFC ‘business cards” in their pocket and subsequently handed a pack out – they were all taken, we need to order more!

Treasurer’s report – Jim Ungaro:

  1. Jim reported that our finances remain in very good shape but will soon begin to draw down as we enter into our summer season of events.
  • Jim also reminded folks to renew their memberships sooner rather than later in order for it to be reflected in our budget.
  • Frank Wolf and Larry Host both suggested ideas for community projects. These and any others are welcomed and will be put forward for due consideration and further discussion.

Outreach – Nick Revill:

  1. Nick informed us that the first of the 2019 Outreach program events would take place on Friday, April 19 when we will again be hosting guests from Black Mountain Home.
  • There are currently already a number of programs confirmed and as Nick continues to reach out we can expect more to come. Program dates and names of groups can be viewed on our website.
  • Building on last year’s success, Nick is actively engaged in the design (color) and purchase of hats again for this season. He has also purchased a number of hoops with the idea of using them for practice (casting) sessions.
  • As always, volunteers are always welcome and both Nick and Carol suggested an “orientation” session could be made available for those who would like to learn more.

Fishery Management – Rick Hybil:

  1. Conditions for trout fishing are currently at their best with them being very active and healthy right now. There are also indications that, despite the water remaining cool, bass are also being caught.
  • The last “winter” stocking of 14”-16” rainbows took place on March 12th. 1,440 lbs, approximately 960 fish, were introduced to our lakes. The exact numbers and distribution can be reviewed on our website. With the surgical skill of Rob Amato and the dexterity of Joe McMurray, 35 were tagged with this years color orange.
  • The next stocking of 14”-16” rainbows is planned for November.
  • For this year’s stocking of forage fish, we will continue our program of stocking trout fingerlings (3”-5”) in Lakes Wanteska and Tiaroga. And this year we will expand our forage fish stocking to include releasing Gambusia minnows in Lakes Atagahi and Ticoa this April.
  • On March 19 another batch of Christmas trees, eighty-five in total, were deposited in Lake Wanteska. The site map on our website will be updated to reflect the locations. Once again a huge thank you to our maintenance staff for making this possible.
  • A letter was submitted to the Connestee GM and Board recommending a creel limit of 10/day for Sunfish (currently there is no limit), and also proposing to add a new species; “Spotted Bass” with a size limit of 14-inch minimum, except 2 may be less than 14 inches. The daily creel limit would be set at 5. This total includes any other type of bass in combination (i.e. largemouth bass), caught on the same day.

The above proposal was unopposed and consequently has been incorporated within the CFPOA by-laws and the literature handed out with the fishing licenses updated accordingly.

  • There followed an open discussion regarding catch and release, including techniques, of trout or indeed was it preferable to catch and keep. At the end of which, Steve Seelinger suggested that, given the various views/interpretation that we may be sending mixed messages. His suggestion that a definitive statement be made/published will be considered.

Tagged Fish – Ray Tuers:

  1. Ray pointed out that it’s now been quite a while since any tagged fish have at least been reported.
  • The tag color for 2019 is orange (see also under Fish Management)

Lunker Awards:

Rick Sailing caught a 25” trout at Lake Atagahi Park and Cork Snearly a 20” one on Lake Wanteska.

Our next monthly meeting:

Thursday, April 18, in the Clubhouse Lounge starting at 10 AM.

Adjourn to the meeting program – Carol Marines:

Following the business meeting, Lt Greg Stroup gave an excellent and very insightful talk on the role of the School Resource Officers (SRO’s) and particularly the Sherriff Shield Camp program. At the end of his talk it’s reasonable to say that the one thing that was on everyone’s mind was:

“How can we help?”

*There are tentative plans for both he and Sheriff Mahoney, the person behind these initiatives, to do a future joint presentation.

Final note: I’m happy to say that our one guest, Glen, subsequently went home and signed up as our newest member.


George Hewertson