Club Meeting Minutes – 10/17/2019

9 am, October 17th, 2019, Blue Ridge Lounge

Call to order was made by President Jim Bailey with 25 members and guests in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance

Welcome New Members & Guests:

Jim welcomed 2 new members & guests.

50/50 Raffle:

Steve Seelinger held the winning ticket and collected $34.

Water Safety Moment – Jim Bailey:

  1. Jim commented on the concern for battery safety and introduced Al
    Byrne (the “Boat Doc”) to address the topic.
  2. Al reviewed the two most serious battery hazards: battery acid
    spills and short circuiting across battery terminals. Following Al’s remarks there
    was a good discussion and recounting of personal experiences.

President's report and announcements – Jim Bailey:

  1. The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.
  2. Jim announced that the “Beauty of Connestee” calendars will be made available for sale online and delivery to your Connestee home.
  3. Jim also introduced new Club officers Myron Pstrak (vice-president) and Vernetta Milts (treasurer).
  4. Since Joe McMurray was unable to attend the Volunteers Recognition Brunch and receive his award for Sportsman of the Year, Jim took this opportunity to recognize and thank Joe for all that he does for the Club.

Programs & Events – Myron Pstrak:

  1. There is no formal program for today, but we’ll have “open mic” for fish stories.
  2. For our November 21st meeting we are planning a field trip to the Fish Hatchery at the Pisgah Wildlife Center.
    • 9 AM - meet in the Connestee Pickleball parking lot and carpool to the Wildlife Center.
    • 10 AM - convene in the Pisgah Wildlife Center auditorium for our monthly meeting.
    • Following the meeting, adjourn for a 30 min tour of the fish hatchery with Lee Sherrill.
  3. For a future program, Bill Roehrich suggested a presentation/discussion of our nearby lakes (access, fishing, etc).

Sunshine Report – Marian Wolf:

Marian reported no cards were sent this month and explained that the sympathy cards are sent to members for family illnesses and deaths. Marian encouraged us to let her know as we become aware of any future needs.

Secretary's Report – Al Byrne:

  1. Club memberships for this year remain at 252 households, comparable to last year.
  2. We have 2 very nice 10’ jon boats for sale, and we are in the process of picking up a Gheenoe canoe with trailer.

Treasurer's report – Vernetta Milts:

  1. We currently have approx. $18,000 in our account, expecting to have approx.
    $13,000 at year end.
  2. The proposed budget for 2020 will be presented at the November Club meeting. Final voting on the proposed budget will be held at the January 2020 meeting, with electronic voting available to Club members prior to the January meeting.

Outreach – Nick Revill:

  1. Nick is in the process of reaching out to this year’s client organizations and our
    volunteers for feedback on this year’s program.
  2. Nick expects to complete the summary report of this year’s program by the end of October.

Fishery Management – Rick Hybil & Joe McMurray:

  1. Joe reported the thermoclines as follows: Atagahi – 15-20’, Ticoa
    – 20-25’, Wanteska – 20-25’; Tiaroga – same 68 deg top to bottom.
  2. Bass fishing continues to be a little slow, but improving. As the
    water continues to cool, trout fishing will improve as they move up towards the surface.
  3. Our final stocking of the year will be in November…..a total of approx 1,000 14-16” trout distributed to the 4 lakes and approx 5,000 trout fingerlings placed in Wanteska and Tiaroga.
  4. The Gambusia minnows stocked earlier this summer appear to have distributed nicely around Atagahi and Ticoa. A decision has not yet been made regarding stocking of Gambusia next year.
  5. There was a report on Nexdoor of a possible sighting of a Snakehead fish in lake Ticoa near the dam. It is very unfortunate that this was widely publicized without positive verification, since there are other species that could easily be confused with a Snakehead (e.g. a Bowfin), especially when observed in the water. If you catch a fish you believe to be a Snakehead, retain it and let any of our Club officers or Rick Hybil or Joe McMurray know so that it can be correctly identified. Snakeheads are voracious predators and can be caught relatively easily on top water or shallow running lures.

Tagged Fish:

No tagged fish have been reported
since the last meeting.

Lunker Awards – Al Byrne:

No lunkers
have been reported since the last meeting.

Our next monthly

Thursday, November 21st, convening at 9 AM in
the Pickleball parking lot for a field trip to the Pisgah Wildlife Center and
tour of the hatchery.

to the meeting program – “Open Mic”

We heard several interesting fish stories.
Thank you to those who shared.


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