Club Meeting Minutes – 1/16/2020

10 am, January 16th, 2020, Clubhouse Lounge

Call to order was made by President Jim Bailey with 36 members and guests in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance – led by George Hewertson

Welcome New Members & Guests:

Jim welcomed 8 new members & guests.

50/50 Raffle:

Bruce Blodgett held the winning ticket and collected $45.

President's report and announcements – Jim Bailey:

  1. The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.
  2. Connestee has acquired the permits and is planning to start installation of bathrooms and a meeting room at Wanteska dam.
  3. The Club received a $100 donation from Kathy Morrow in memory of Bob Clark.

Programs & Events – Myron Pstrak:

  1. For today’s program Headwaters Outfitters will present “Fishing in the Upper Branches of the French Broad”.
  2. February program - TBD.
  3. Contact Myron with suggestions for future meeting programs.

Sunshine Report:

No Sunshine cards sent this month.

Secretary's Report – Al Byrne:

  1. We have sold 2 jon boats already this year. Off to a good start! And we have a 17 ft hand-made, cedar strip, Rangeley Guide Boat for sale - $75. Needs some repair.
  2. The proposed Club budget for 2020 is posted on the Club’s website and Club members were notified on Dec.19th of the availability for online voting. At today’s meeting we will complete the voting process with members in attendance who have not already voted.
  3. Many of our Club members completed the fishing survey that was included on the 2019/2020 Club membership form. Below is a summary of the results:
    • 91% of respondents ranked trout as their #1 or #2 fishing preference. 72% of  respondents ranked bass as their #1 or #2 preference.
    • 66% of respondents rated their satisfaction with fishing in Lake Atagahi as. “satisfied” or “very satisfied”. 72% rated Ticoa as “satisfied” or “very satisfied”. 63% rated Wanteska as “satisfied” or “very satisfied”. And 42%
      rated Tiaroga as “satisfied” or “very satisfied”. Note that fishing satisfaction with Lake Wanteska improved from 38% in our 2016 survey to 63% for 2019.

Treasurer's report – Vernetta Milts:

  1. We finished 2019 with a $1,255 deficit for our year end P&L. This is much more favorable than the $8,435 budgeted deficit.……primarily due to favorable proceeds from the Fish Fry and Calendar sales. We ended the year with $15,680 in ourchecking account.
  2. The proposed budget for 2020 is intentionally conservative for both revenues and expenses, projecting a YE net income of -$2,195.
  3. The voting on the proposed 2020 budget was completed with a show of hands from attending members. With those votes added to the votes already submitted online, we had a total of 83 votes “for” and 1 vote “against”. The proposed 2020 budget is therefore approved by the Club membership.

Outreach – George Hewertson for Nick Revill:

  1. George reported that we hosted 390 participants during the 2019 season! Thank you to our volunteers!
  2. As Nick develops the schedule for 2020, there are some uncertainties with several of our usual participants:
  3. With United Way ceasing operations in Transylvania County, funding for TVS and other programs is uncertain.
  4. The participation of PARI is uncertain due to a change of programming for Duke University.

Fishery Management – Rick Hybil:

  1. The stocking plan for 2020 is posted on our website under the heading FISHING INFO à Fishery Management. Planned stocking expenditures are $18,200 from CFPOA and $7,600 from CFFC.
  2. The next stocking of 14-16” trout will be in February…..1500 lbs. We are planning to cut back somewhat on trout stocking during 2020, compared to 2019.
  3. Surface water temperatures are running about 50 deg in Lakes Atagahi, Ticoa, and Wanteska. Tiaroga is at about 53 deg.
  4. Spencer is planning to lower the lakes for riser checks and inlet dredging. Aiming for February.
  5. Trout fishing is very good. Bass are biting due to the warm weather. Suggest a slow presentation for bass.
  6. Joe McMurray showed us several artificial fish hides that he’s constructed (3 trees & 1 log). Joe is planning a “work day” at Lake Atagahi to construct and place hides. Contact Joe is interested in helping.

Community Project – George Hewertson:

George reported that the new sign board has been installed in Atagahi Park near the family fishing dock. Spencer may construct the sign boards for the other lakes, rather than purchasing as we did for the prototype.

Tagged Fish:

No tagged fish have been reported since the last meeting.

Lunker Awards – Al Byrne:

11/29 – Joe McMurray – 20” largemouth on Lake Atagahi.

Other Topics:

  1. There is no plan that we are aware of for dredging Little Atagahi. Residents should consider submitting a request to the GM so that it can be budgeted if decided.
  2. Club members are reporting excessive erosion into Little Atagahi from new housing construction. Residents should contact CF Admin to report issues.

Our next monthly meeting:

Thursday, February 20th, convening at 10 AM in the Blue Ridge Lounge.

Adjourn to the meeting program:

We had a very informative presentation by Hannah & Chris from Headwaters Outfitters. They described fishing for muskie in the upper branches of the French Broad. And they also touched on fishing for smallmouth. Thank you Myron for arranging this very interesting program.


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