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First Outreach event of the season

Last Friday (April 27th) the Fishing Club had its first Outreach event of the season, hosting 12 young people from Black Mountain Home for Children. One of the anglers even caught a feisty 20 1/2″ trout. This was also the first group to receive our new hats. (Note the hats in the group photo).

Thanks to Jeff Brewer for the photos.




Another Lunker Trout!

On 4/1/2018, Ron Silverman was out fishing with Bill Roehrich and landed a 23″ – 6 lb rainbow. Ron was fishing on Lake Ticoa using a crawfish imitation.



Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School – Saturday 4/28/2018

If you’re interested in learning to fly fish, the Pisgah Chapter of Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School is an excellent way to get your feet wet.  The $150 fee includes a whole day of hands-on and seminar instruction in all of the critical elements of the sport plus a half day of mentored fishing on a trout stream.  

By the end of the school, you’ll be ready to hit the river on your own with confidence.  All equipment is provided, and lunch and a course book are included in the cost.  All proceeds from the school go toward Pisgah TU’s ongoing education and conservation programs in western North Carolina.

For more information or to register, visit:



Lake Stocking 3/9/2018

Morgan Mill Trout Farm delivered 14 -16 inch rainbow trout ,Friday 3/9/18, and stocked all four lakes.
Thanks go to Bill Roehrich and Rob Amato who tagged (blue this year) 35 fish.

As usual, distribution was by lake surface area percentage:
Lake Atagahi (35%) got 490 lbs. (approximately 327 fish) and 12 tagged.
Lake Ticoa (32%) got 448 lbs.  (approximately 299 fish) and 11 tagged.
Lake Wanteska (19%) got 266 lbs. (approximately 177 fish) and 7 tagged.
Lake Tiaroga (14%) got 196 lbs. (approximately 131 fish) and 5 tagged.
Total = 1,400 lbs. (approximately 934 fish)  and 35 tagged. 



Lost – Plano tackle bag on Lake Wanteska

Yesterday, 2/20, Bill Roehrich was fishing at the community dock on Lake Wanteska and left his tackle bag on the dock at about 4 pm. When Bill returned this morning to look for the bag, it was gone. It is a dark gray Plano Z-Series 3600 bag (see photo). Bill is offering a $100 reward for the return of the bag and its contents. Contact Bill at 828-884-6642.

Follow up – 2/21: A Connestee resident found the missing bag and returned to Bill. Needless to say, Bill was ecstatic!



Free Fly Fishing Classes Offered

There are 3 free classes planned with the Pisgah Wildlife Center. Kevin Henebry is offering Club members first chance to sign up before the classes are opened to the public:

    1. Introduction to Fly Fishing” – March 23rd
    2. Casting” – April 4th (a new class this year)
    3. On the Water” – April 5th (a guided fishing trip on local trout waters)

For more information or to reserve a spot, email Kevin Henebry at



Lake Stocking Update

Morgan Mill Fish Farm delivered 1,400 lbs. of 14 – 16 inch rainbow trout on Tuesday 1/16/18 which were stocked in all four lakes as follows:

Atagahi (35%) –  490 lbs.
Tiaroga (14%) –  196 lbs.
Ticoa    (32%) –   448 lbs.
Wanteska (19%) – 266 lbs.

Total   (100%) – 1,400 lbs.

Average weight was approx. 1-1/2 lbs. each.

Paid for by the CFPOA (2018 stocking budget)



Club Donates to the CFPOA Employees Fund

Fishing Club Treasurer Jim Ungaro (below) presents a check for $800 to Acting General Manager Sharon Jenkins as the Club’s annual holiday season donation to the CFPOA Employees Fund. Jim expressed the Club’s appreciation for the many ways association employees assist the Club in its community programs and events. A major portion of the Fund is used to give seasonal bonuses to all full- and part-time workers. The presentation was made during the Board of Directors meeting Dec. 15.

(photo and text courtesy of Ray Tuers)