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2 Lunker Perch caught

On 9/26 Pete Brewer caught a nice 14″ perch on Lake Ticoa using a Senko (see photo). And then on 9/30 George Goyette caught a 14 1/2″ perch on Lake Atagahi. George reported catching the perch right off the swimming dock at Atagahi Park with a 5″ Senko (watermelon, copper, orange, & red). Our last report of a lunker perch was a 14 1/4″ back in 2013 on Lake Wanteska!



Another Tagged Fish Caught

Congratulations to another winner in the Fishing Club’s Trout Contest: Lee Allaben of Chagee Lane caught a green-tagged 19” rainbow in Lake Ticoa on August 26th using a plastic worm. As a club member, Lee gets a $50 gift certificate for our Overlook restaurants. If you catch a tagged trout, report it to Ray Tuers, 877- 5572.

Fish-A-Rama attracts 40 participants

Another of the Fishing Club’s community events, the annual Fish-A-Rama, was held August 19th at Atagahi Park. The event attracted 40 anglers, almost half of them entering the fishing contest’s new adult category. (This year’s fishing contest was expanded to include an invitation to adults to join the children who traditionally crowd the shoreline). In fact, it was an adult, Kevin Singer, who landed the biggest fish of the day, a 23-inch catfish. The prize for that catch was a $50 gift certificate for clubhouse dining. Kevin, who was visiting Jake & Jessica Tibstra of Guledisgonihi Ct, exclaimed afterward “even if I hadn’t won anything, it was still a great day. This is a wonderful event!”

Altogether, there were 28 fish caught during the 9-to-noon fishing competition. Club volunteers circulated along the shoreline offering tips and assistance and providing rods and reels, tackle and bait.

After the contest, participants gathered at the park pavilion for a hot dog lunch with all the trimmings. They went through more than 100 “tube steaks” cooked on the nearby charcoal grill (by, of course, Ray Tuers).

Fish-A-Rama is free and open to all Connesteeans, their guests and CFPOA employees. “And didn’t we have fun!” Club President George Hewertson told the crowd as he introduced the winners in the contest. Each winner in the four children’s categories and the one adult category received a Fish-A-Rama tee shirt.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event such a success! And thanks to Ray Tuers for preparing this post and to Ray and Jim Bailey for the photos.

The contest winners:

Age Group 1 to 6

Most Fish Caught – Beckham Tibstra, 3; Largest Fish Caught (10” bass) – Bentley Tibstra, 5

Age Group 7 to 9

Most Fish – Molly Phillips, 7; Largest Fish (12” bass) – Molly Phillips

Age Group 10 to 12

Most Fish – Adian Phillips, 12; Largest Fish (11” bluegill) – Sara Bandhauer

Age Group 13 to 17

No fish caught

Adult Group

Most Fish – Kevin Singer; Largest Fish (23” catfish) – Kevin Singer

Lunker Trout Caught

On July 27th, during his first fishing outing in Connestee, Jeff Brewer landed a beautiful 4 lb, 20″ Rainbow trout using powerbait. Jeff recently joined the Fishing Club and was out on Lake Ticoa with Bill Roehrich in Bill’s boat. Congratulations Jeff!

Intro to Fly Fishing

If you are interested in taking an “Intro to Fly Fishing” course, Kevin Henebry (Fishing Club member and Fly Fishing instructor), has offered to arrange a class for 6-8 folks at Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education. There is no charge and equipment will be provided. Contact Kevin for more information ( Thanks.

Smallmouth trip on the Tuckocegee River



Ron Phillips and Bill Roehrich recently went on a guided fishing trip with Ryan Kaufman of Headwaters Outfitters. Conditions were not
perfect, but they had a good time and caught a fair number of smallmouth, trout, and rockbass.

Ryan was an excellent guide and Bill highly recommends Headwaters Outfitters for it’s many fishing and paddling excursions. Headwaters also sells a variety of kayaks, canoes, and SUPs.

Headwaters website:








2 More Lunkers caught

On 6/7 Ron Silverman caught a nice 5 lb – 21” trout while trolling a jointed Rapala in Lake Atagahi. And on 6/15 Cork Snearly caught a 3 lb 7 oz – 19” bass in Lake Wanteska in 1 foot of water, using a 4” Super Salt Green Pumpkin fluke.

Another Trout Contest Winner!

Congratulations to another winner in the Fishing Club’s Trout Contest for holders of CF fishing licenses. Steve Pyle, of Ayugidv Ct., caught a tagged 14” rainbow using Power Bait on June 4th in Lake Wanteska. As a club member, Steve gets a $50 gift certificate for our Overlook restaurants. Non-members get a $25 certificate, plus a free Club membership for one year, if eligible. If you catch a tagged trout, report it to Ray Tuers, 877 5572.