2017 Bylaw Amendment Vote

 On the form below, please cast your vote “For” or “Against” the proposed amendment to our Fishing Club bylaw regarding nomination & election of Club officers.

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  • This amendment helps assure that nominees for Club Officer positions are eligible, qualified, and willing to accept the position.
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  • At the June regular meeting, the President shall appoint and announce a Nominating Committee of three members, designating a Chairperson for the nomination of officers. In addition to nominees selected by the Committee, nominations from the floor may be submitted to any member of the Committee in person, by phone or by email. The Committee will be responsible for verifying the eligibility, qualifications, and willingness of all nominees. At the July regular meeting the Committee shall report on the status of nominations. Nominations will be accepted until the second Thursday of August. At the regular August meeting, the Committee shall announce the nominee (s) for each office and an electronic ballot will then be sent by email to all members. The election shall be at the September meeting by members previously casting ballots electronically and those present at the meeting. If there is more than one candidate for an office, the candidate with the most votes shall win. If there is only one candidate