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First Annual Fishing Tournament

May 11, 2019    8am – Noon   All Connestee Lakes

Why have a tournament?

Two great reasons:

  1. The main object of the tournament is to have fun! The tournament will promote camaraderie, a little competition, participation of club members in club activities, some learning about fishing in the lakes of Connestee, conservation, and a lot more.
  2. The net proceeds of the tournament will be donated by the Club to the Brevard High School Bass Club. This is a group of young anglers that travel around the state and compete with other high school bass clubs. It is great place for these kids to learn to appreciate the outdoors and the joys of fishing. Our intent is show support for the club and to help defray the many costs of traveling and competing.

Who is eligible to register as a tournament angler?

All Connestee Falls residents who hold a Connestee fishing license may register to fish in the tournament. Each individual who fishes must register in advance by completing a Tournament Registration Form and paying the Angler Registration Fee $25 per angler.  Fees may be charged to your POA account. Forms are available on the Club’s website, at club meetings, at the Captain’s Meeting, and will be available at Atagahi Park from 7:00a to 8:00a the day of the tournament.

Tournament Within A Tournament

Members of the Brevard Bass Club will also be fishing in our tournament as our guests. They will be having their own “Mini Tournament” amongst themselves. They will be competing for awards similar to those shown for Connestee Falls Fishing Club member below, but not competing against our Club members.  These kids will need a ride in a club member’s watercraft. Please check off the box on your Registration Form that indicates that you would take out a Bass Club angler during the tournament.

When does fishing start and end?

Lines in the water at 8:00am. Lines out at 12:00 noon. Score sheets returned to Atagahi Park by 1:00pm. A light self-serve lunch (sandwiches, chips, soft drinks, etc) will be available at the Park beginning at 12:00pm. There will be an Awards Ceremony at the Park at approximately 1:30 pm at which time all awards will be given out. Any Lunkers caught during the tournament will also be recognized at the ceremony.  All club members are invited to Atagahi Park from 12:00 noon on and to attend the Awards Ceremony.

What are the eligible species of fish?

Largemouth bass and rainbow trout. To be eligible to count in the tournament, bass must be a minimum of 12” and trout a minimum of 15”. Do not record smaller fish. Fishing is limited to the four lakes of Connestee. Fishing may be from watercraft or shore. Fish must be caught by rod and reel, using artificial bait (no live bait such as minnows, worms, etc. allowed and no Power Bait). All fishing is “Catch and Release” unless an individual believes his catch is a state record.

How do I record my catch?

Score Sheets and a “Complied Score Sheet Example” will be come with your Registration Form. Take the Score Sheet and Score Sheet Example with you when fishing. You will need to record information on the Score Sheet about each eligible fish caught and take a photo against a ruler. Please bring your own cell phone or digital camera with you and a measuring device. Complete instructions as to how to fill out the Score Sheet are printed at the bottom of the Score Sheet.

How do I win?

The following awards will be available for CFFC members:

“Tournament Winner”

The angler that catches the most total inches of eligible fish combined of both species.

Division Winners:

Grand Champion Bass (longest fish)                 

Grand Champion Bass Runner Up – (second longest fish)

Grand Champion Trout (longest fish)

Grand Champion Trout Runner Up – (second longest fish)

Champion Most Bass Caught (most bass caught)                 

Champion Most Bass Caught Runner Up (2nd most bass caught)         

Champion Most Trout Caught (most trout caught)

Champion Most Trout Caught Runner Up (2nd most trout caught)

Important Rule: The same angler cannot win both the Grand Champion and Runner Up award on the same category. For example, Angler A caught two bass, 22” and 20”. Angler B caught an 18” bass. Angler A wins Grand Champion Bass. Angler B wins Grand Champion Runner up. This rule allows for one angler not to dominate a category, and gives other anglers a chance to win an award.

Captain’s Meeting

There will be a “Captain’s Meeting” at 7:00pm at Atagahi Park the evening before the tournament. This is an important meeting, as the Tournament Committee will go over the rules, how to fill out the score sheet, and answer the many questions that you may have. You may also register for the tournament that evening and receive your Score Sheets and Score Sheet Examples if you have not gotten them already. If you cannot attend, please ask a participating club member to represent you at the meeting.

What else do I need to know?

  • All decisions as to eligibility of an angler or the granting of awards will be made by the Tournament Committee.
  • Please check your digital devices the evening before and morning of the tournament in case the Committee postpones the tournament due to inclement weather or other occurrences.  
  • If you have questions, before and during the tournament, you may contact the following club members for more information:

                  Jim Bailey             989-948-6757

                  Carol Marines            912-663-0714

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