2020 Stockings completed to date

Southland Fisheries delivered our order for 24,000, 1-3 inch sunfish (bluegills & shellcrackers) on Thursday June 11th. These are being stocked as forage fish, primarily for our bass. The sunfish were distributed in four places along the shoreline in Lake Atagahi, from Little Atagahi to the large cove near the Atagahi dam. The fish looked and acted healthy with only a small number of fatalities during the 165 mile trip from the fish farm.


Trout fingerlings were stocked today as forage fish in Lakes Tiaroga and Wanteska.
Morgan Mill Trout Farm delivered 6,667 fingerlings: 41% went into Tiaroga, 59% went into Wanteska.
Bass could be seen immediately attacking them.
At $0.30 each, the cost was $2,000 funded by the POA lake stocking budget.



Alfred from Morgan Mill Trout Farm delivered 1,455 lbs. of mostly 14 - 16 inch, 1-1/2 lb. average trout.

Atagahi got 509 lbs.  Tiaroga got 203 lbs. Ticoa got 467 lbs.  Wanteska got 276 lbs.  Total 1,455 lbs.

Cost was $4,000 paid for by CFPOA. Rick Hybil and Joe McMurray directed the stocking on a mild but rainy day.

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